Jeremy Lin Prepares To Meet His Old Team; Dirk Nowitzki Can Play Till He’s 73

By: 11.23.12
Dirk Nowitzki

Dirk Nowitzki (photo. Nike Basketball)

Thanksgiving was a slow news day, but we’re not counting Mark Cuban‘s statement saying he’d sign Dirk Nowitzki until he was 73 as actual news. Dirk said a day earlier he wanted to play till 2016, which is past his current contract, so Cubes said what anyone would say about the guy who delivered a title for you — I’ll take you up on it. He barely jumps as it is now on his jump shot and his legendary touch won’t be fading anytime soon, so 2016 certainly isn’t far-fetched as long as his knee isn’t being drained. At 73 he might even be tearing up dudes in a city league with his jumper. … Dirk’s story line is not the only one out of Dallas that involves an older player on a comeback. ‘Sheed’s comeback and Jerry Stackhouse’s staying power has made Michael Finley, a special assistant to Cuban, earnestly making a comeback attempt, Marc Stein reported. The last time anyone saw him he was along for the ride during Boston’s playoff run in 2010, but then he had ankle surgery and who wants to take a risk on a 37-year-old guard with a bum ankle? Serious training has changed his mind since then and he nearly went to Mavericks training camp. Will we see Finley in the D-League or does he join an NBA roster immediaately? … With Finley and Eduardo Najera serving as special assistants to Cuban, it’s clear he likes to keep his favorite players around in managerial roles. Is that Dirk’s next step? We could see him doing more hands-on work as a coach (“no, you have to kick out your leg like this on the fadeaway”) rather than GM. … We’re out like you on turkey tryptophan.

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