The 10 Current NBA Players With The Most Swag

By: 12.10.12
Blake Griffin

Blake Griffin (photo. Casey Rogers from AP for Jordan Brand)

The YouTube hero of a generation deserves a spot on almost any non-skill-related list. The highlight sports culture we find ourselves in today has made Griffin into a demigod, as dunk after dunk dominates top ten after top ten as he makes us forget that, regardless of Facebook shares, each slam is only worth two points. The sensationalization of his play has led to a weird gulf where we almost undervalue Griffin, thinking that all he can do is dunk. He is, in fact, a stud power forward. He does dunk more than almost every other player in the league, but this doesn’t distract from his ability to play the game. Instead of relying on a post hook, he just chooses to play with an aerial dominance that we haven’t seen displayed as proficiently and prolifically from a big man since Shawn Kemp. Truth is, if we still hung posters on our walls, Blake would be on the walls of every other adolescent’s wall. Instead, he’s just on their desktops.

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