The 10 Current NBA Players With The Most Swag

By: 12.10.12
Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony (photo. Zach Wolfe)

The hottest player in the NBA right now. We’ve all been waiting for ‘Melo to put together a season like this and his inclusion on this list is largely based on what he’s doing right now. As the name most people drop when they talk about the best scorer in the NBA, even though a few people are likely better than him, ‘Melo has the swag intangibles to convince people that he is the unequivocal best scorer. He has the wife, the trade drama, and the media market to be a megastar even if he plays a little disappointingly.

Also playing to his strengths is the tendency of the fans to burn clutch shots into their memories. ‘Melo has a lot of clutch moments. So many, in fact, that it wouldn’t be outrageous to consider him a “clutch” player. His knack for the moment is where most of his swag comes from. He’s the guy that everyone knows the ball is going to go to and is usually going to capitalize on whatever opportunity is put in front of him. By being a legitimate MVP candidate this year, and specializing in burning memories into our minds at the end of games, ‘Melo earns his spot on this list.

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