The 10 Current NBA Players With The Most Swag

By: 12.10.12

Metta World Peace

Changes his name. Admits to paying people to bring him Hennessy so he can drink it in the locker room at halftime. Fights fans. Queensbridge! If you ever wanted to see a secure man, it’s Metta. He thanked his personal psychiatrist on national television after the Finals. Whatever forms of crazy the player formerly known as Ron Artest is dealing with, it’s clear that he addresses it in stride and with confidence. He isn’t the most poised individual, but he will always have my vote for player everyone needs to follow on Twitter, which is what’s really important in life.

The Palace incident is well documented. It’s also a major black spot in the history of the NBA, but one that has evolved to be viewed in an almost comedic lens with time. People joke about the brawl more than they talk down about it in the present. A lot of that perception has to do with the comedic adventures of Metta World Peace. Who knows, maybe his antics and rap career are all a smokescreen. Maybe he isn’t crazy and he’s just trying to make us forget about his past failures. I don’t know, we’ll leave that to his shrink. Queensbridge!

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