The 14 Strangest Fines, Ejections & Suspensions In NBA History

By: 12.03.12

Yao Ming

Following 16-point loss in March of ’05, Orlando Magic veteran Stacey Augmon was in no mood to speak with the media. So he didn’t. His teammates did, though, and Stacey didn’t like that either. When a reporter asked Steve Francis if “the wheels were coming off,” Augmon took offense. He angrily voiced his opinion, repeatedly stating that it was “a stupid [expletive] question” at increasing volumes. When the reporter informed him that it was Francis who he was interviewing, Augmon snapped and hurled a bottle of lotion across the locker room. The lotion struck the reporter in the back, exploded and splattered all over his suit. Augmon was suspended for one game and reportedly bought the reporter a new suit made of fine Italian silk.

In May of 2005, Houston Rockets coach Jeff Van Gundy was fined $100,000 for publicly accusing officials of treating All-Star center Yao Ming unfavorably. Van Gundy backed his claims by suggesting that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban‘s frequent complaints to the league office were leading to the unfair treatment of Ming. He went as far as to state that one unnamed referee had confirmed his suspicions, which infuriated the commissioner. For his remarks, Van Gundy was forced to foot the largest bill ever handed to a coach. Shortly thereafter, Cuban’s Mavericks eliminated his Rockets from the playoffs.

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