The 14 Strangest Fines, Ejections & Suspensions In NBA History

By: 12.03.12
Latrell Sprewell (Dime #11)

Latrell Sprewell (Dime #11)

On December 20, 2002, Chris Mills decided he wanted to fight Portland’s entire roster. He’d been angered by the physical play of Bonzi Wells, and presumably snapped when Rasheed Wallace hit the game-winning shot. As Wallace and the Blazers tried to leave the floor, Mills engaged in a confrontation with Wells during which the two exchanged a few punches. The conflict continued even after the referees had managed to clear the court. Following an unsuccessful attempt to enter the Blazers’ locker room, Mills elected to park his vehicle in front of their bus. Determined to settle his beef, Mills refused to move his SUV as he continued to challenge any and all Jail Blazers to another round of fisticuffs. Eventually, a police escort arrived to lead the Blazers to safety. The NBA suspended Mills for three games, citing intolerable conduct. Bonzi Wells was suspended for two games and Rasheed Wallace was fined $15,000 for attempting to enter the stands (fans had tossed some objects his way as he was walking towards the tunnel).

Latrell Sprewell said and did some pretty crazy things over the course of his basketball career, but nothing quite compares to the time he choked his coach. During a practice in December of 1997, Sprewell took offense to P.J. Carlesimo‘s demand that he “put a little mustard on his passes.” Spree told Carlesimo he didn’t want to hear it, and as P.J. began to walk towards Sprewell, he was warned not to get any closer. Carlesimo continued to move in Sprewell’s direction (despite Spree’s reported threats to “kill” him), and when the two got within arm’s length Sprewell grabbed his coach by the throat, threw him to the floor, and choked him until the two were separated. Sprewell’s contract was initially voided by the Warriors, but an appeal led to a mere 68-game suspension (the second-longest in NBA history, non-drug related). According to an article published by Sports Illustrated, Sprewell’s choke hold lasted for 10 to 15 seconds.

Which one of these incidents was the craziest?

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