Best of NBA Instagram: Shaquille O’Neal Impersonates Bane, Stewie From “Family Guy” & “The Terminator”

By: 08.05.13

Shaquille O’Neal has gotten some justifiable grief about his performance on Inside the NBA. Lots of people have even mimicked his mumblecore performances on the TNT hit. But Shaq does a pretty solid impersonation too, as he proves with this series of Instagram videos from earlier tonight.

Shaq started things out by doing Bane from The Dark Knight Rises. It’s OK.

Then came Seth MacFarlane’s murderous Stewie from Fox’s Family Guy.

And for Shaq’s last impersonation of the night, the old standby Arnold Schwarzenegger. He doesn’t repeat the same tired Terminator lines, either, so lets give him a break for the lack of creativity for impersonation subjects.

Stewie is our favorite.

What do you think?

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