The NBA’s 15 Strongest Players

By: 08.27.13  •  7 Comments

West has shoulders like a linebacker and his physical style of play fits his physique. He is listed at 6-9 and 250 pounds, which makes him a tough obstacle to move in the paint. His intensity ramps up during the NBA Playoffs, where he’s been known to get into a few altercations. West is one of the last few real “bad boys” of the NBA, and even team mascots have to watch out for him.

Many claim that Howard is just a robot. The philosophy of strength, speed and power pretty much symbolize the player that he is. His defensive prowess allows him to showcase that strength as players have trouble posting him up. He was an elite rebounder before back surgery and after a full year, he may be ready to reclaim the title. If you have a chance to ever see Howard in person, you’ll be amazed. The dude looks like he was carved from stone.

He’s a powerful train when coming at you full force in the lane and there is nothing you can do to stop him. No other player can compare to his 6-8, 250-pound plus frame when you add on his athleticism. No other player can guard the point guard position one possession and then switch on to the center the next. James’ size gives him that advantage and it is one of the many reasons why he is the best in the game.

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