Danny Granger Q&A: The Blue Collar Pacers & A Big Offseason

By: 09.20.13
Larry Bird, David West, C.J. Watson

Larry Bird, David West, C.J. Watson (photo. Instagram/thepacers)

Dime: There’s been a lot of talk about the Knicks-Nets rivalry, at least here in New York, where we’re based. Does that piss you off at all, especially because of all the excellent offseason moves, or do you like flying under the radar?
DG: I wouldn’t say it upset us. Indiana, we’re a small market team, we’re not in New York, we’re not in Brooklyn, we’re not in Boston. We’re a family oriented city, and we fly under the radar. We even use the blue collar tag sometimes to show how what we do goes unnoticed a lot. I don’t think it really upsets us, we just put our hardhats on and go to work. Whatever happens, happens.

Dime: Have you reached out to Luis Scola or any of the new hires this offseason?
DG: I’ve only had a chance to talk to Luis briefly, I think he’s playing for the national team [Argentina] right now, so he hasn’t been in town much. But for the most part, the new guys C.J. Watson, Chris Copeland, they’ve been here. And most of the guys from last year have been here for most of the summer.

Dime: So you guys have been working out together in Indiana?
DG: For the past three weeks we have. Before that everyone was at their own homes or offseason homes, but for the most part — the last three or four weeks — we’ve been together.

Dime: We had noticed — and we’ve written a couple pieces on it, just from the photos on Instagram, that Roy has gotten really, really big; he seems to be hitting the weights really hard. Is that something you noticed when you guys got together?
DG: I thought Roy was always pretty big [laughs]. Roy is a big guy. Yeah, I think he’s probably gotten a lot stronger. He always works really hard. He takes pride in getting the most out of his body. He posted me up the other day, and I thought a house was on me. So yeah, he’s a big strong guy.

Dime: Is there a specific team you guys are looking out for? You were one game away last year, and you weren’t even able to play. Is there a specific team you’re strategizing for next season?
DG: It’s really too early to say. Obviously, any team with LeBron James is going to be a contender. For the most part, the other teams, you don’t want to get ahead of yourself and say who you’re going to have to be faced up against in the playoff seeds. You’re really just focused on your own team. I mean, obviously, Miami’s always in the back of our minds because we lost to them two years in a row in the playoffs. Obviously since they’re always in there [in the playoffs], but other than that we just focus on ourselves.

Dime: Is there any specific component of your game you’ve you been working on this season? Maybe something new?
DG: It’s baby steps for me right now. I gotta be playing first before I’m trying other stuff.

Dime: Are you still getting shots up and stuff? Is your shot still fluid after all the time off?
DG: Once a shooter, always a shooter. Brian Shaw told me that. I’ll always do that, but it’s just a matter of getting healthy.

Dime: Do you think that October 5th date is within reach, and you’ll be able to play in the preseason to get back into the flow?
DG: Yeah. I anticipate playing in the preseason. I definitely do.

Dime: Have you guys talked to Frank [Vogel] or has he addressed the team about specific things to work on as a group this fall? You’ve already been together for a couple weeks as you said, so has he discussed anything — maybe defensively — for you guys to work on as a group?
DG: Yeah. When we play, it’s structured pick-up games, and Frank gives his input as to what he wants to see. Our coaches are very hands-on when we’re playing. There are guys [trainers, coaches] there every single day.

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