Dime Q&A: Aquille Carr Talks NBA Draft & His Road Less Traveled

By: 03.11.14

Aquille Carr

Aquille Carr (photo. Douglas Sonders)

Dime: In the D-League, you clearly held your own and averaged double-figures in only 14 minutes per game. With the NBA Draft and the combines coming up this summer, what has been the feedback that you’ve gotten from scouts thus far?
AC: First, start off being a leader, being more vocal, being a point guard. Shooting pull-ups. Not going in and taking so much contact. Getting other people in good positions to score. Like just really going out there and being a professional and just learning.

Dime: Also, it’s been rumored that you have a workout coming up with a Puerto Rican team. What’s next for you as you prepare for the draft?
AC: I mean, that’s not true. The Puerto Rico workout, that’s not true. I’m just working out, training in New York. Training hard two times a day and will probably start to three times a day. It’s just how hard I’m going to work.

Dime: If I were an NBA GM, what should I expect from Aquille Carr if I selected you for my team next season?
AC: A hardworking person that’s going to come in before practice and put up shots and do everything that the coach needs me to do. Handle everything that I’ve got to handle. If you need me to try and help somebody out or whatever–just 100 percent being mature and letting them know I can be a great NBA player and that I won’t bring any negativity to the team. [I’ll] show up, play my role and just be a professional basketball player and let God finish the rest.

Dime: Lastly, you’ve been a little bit out of the spotlight recently. Is there anything that you have to say to the people that might have forgotten about you as you prepare for the next big step in your life?
AC: Just to give back (laughs).

Will Carr make it to the NBA?

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