2K Sports Preseason All-American Team vs. The World, Episode 2

07.01.09 8 years ago

From Jared Sullinger to Tristan Thompson to Cory Joseph, it’s not often you get a group of future NBA superstars all playing on one team. Follow them and more as they take on Puerto Rico in Episode 2 of the 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team vs. The World.

More coverage of the 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team’s Trip to France:

Episode 1: 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team vs. The World

Game 5: USA vs. France
The Final Countdown
After The Party, It’s The After Party
Tristan Thompson Recaps The Evening
Josh Selby Takes Home The Dunk Title
Jason Morris With The Dunk Of The Year
Cory Joseph Takes Home The Three-Point Crown
A Clean Sweep For The Americans
Game 4: USA vs. Canada
Appearance(s) Is Everything
Steps In The Right Direction
The Team Handshake
Game 3: USA vs. Australia
The Best Of Both Worlds
A Little Piece Of Home
There’s Nothing Like Late Night Pizza
Game 2: USA vs. Lithuania
The French Rucker
Getting Back On The Right Track
Nuts About Nutella
Game 1: USA vs. Puerto Rico
Jordan McRae: Excited For Game 1
2K Sports Preseason All-Americans About To Take The Court
Bringing Hollywood To The Hardwood
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice? We Talkin’ About Practice?!
2K Sports Preseason All-American Team: The Jerseys
Next Stop: 2011 NBA Draft
McDonald’s: France vs. USA
The Mandatory McD’s Stop
An American Basketball Team In Paris
First Glance At the 2K Sports Preseason All-Americans
The 2K Sports Preseason All-American Team Heads To France

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