3-Year-Old Jazz Fan Perfectly Captures Being Jazz Fan This Year

11.18.13 4 years ago

Jazz Fan

The Utah Jazz are 1-10 this season, the worst record in the league. Unlike the Suns and Sixers, everyone thought the Jazz would be bad, and they haven’t failed to disappoint. Those Utah fans hoping for solid lottery odds this summer are stoked! But one 3-year-old fan wants to see a win, and his reaction during tonight’s Golden State drubbing (that’s not done yet) sums up being a Jazz fan this year.

Once this sideline segment aired, the Jazz outscored the Warriors by 10 in the third quarter and now it’s just a 13-point game. So maybe the kid’s angst works.

The kid’s sobbing went viral a few days ago after someone grabbed video of him balling his eyes out after yet another Jazz loss.

Things aren’t going so well tonight, either, except for that big third quarter. Hopefully that cheers the widdle guy up.

Isn’t that kid’s face-plant just perfect?

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