5 GIFs Of The Most Awkward NBA High Fives

11.27.13 4 years ago

Stephen Curry High-Five

Earlier this month, Funny or Die composed a list of the most awkward high fives in sports history — at least those which are GIF-able. We thought we’d bring you five of the NBA’s most awkward high fives. You probably know a couple of these, but some should still surprise you.

This one’s a classic that was floating around reddit’s r/NBA board for a while before getting passed around the blogging world. It features a younger, paunchier Kevin Love.

Carlos Boozer might be on the amnesty block this summer for the Bulls, which makes this moment even more touching.

Rockets guard James Harden replicates high fives with specters of his teammates to keep his free throw routine intact.

Poor guy, LeBron James doesn’t even acknowledge him.

And the most recent high five awkwardness happened during Stephen Curry‘s electric night at Madison Square Garden last season when he dropped 54 on the Knicks and the only thing he seemed to miss was this high five from Draymond Green at half-court.

Curry does just a tad bit better here, but he still needs to up his dap game.

[All GIFS via Funny or Die]

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