Nostalgic Billionaire Bulls Fans Can Now Buy The Chicago Homes Of The 1990s Dynasty

By: 09.21.16

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The departure of Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah, the two biggest components of the most successful Chicago Bulls teams since Michael Jordan retired, might have some fans feeling nostalgic. Not for the era just gone by — after all, despite all the regular season success, the Bulls could never make it past LeBron James to the NBA Finals — but for that seductive golden age, of Jordan and Pippen and Phil Jackson and the rest. So, got that ache in your bones for days gone by? What about a few million dollars to spend? If you answered “yes” to both of those questions, do I have the memento for you!

Seven houses from members of those 1990s Bulls, including the lavish homes of Jordan and Pippen and the somewhat-less-lavish home of Phil, are currently on the market and available for purchase. The Chicago Tribune surmises that there have never been so many houses from that team on the market at once. So, if you’ve got nearly $100 million just laying around, why not collect the whole set? (If you answered, “Because the property tax alone would double the cost of ownership within years,” then congratulations, you truly are a rich person.)

Most notable of the availabilities is MJ’s house, which is a nine-bedroom, 32-plus thousand square foot estate with the number 23 emblazoned on the front gate — it’s been on the market for over four and a half years, and its asking price has been cut nearly in half over that time, down to an all-time low of $14.855 million. You almost can’t afford not to have it!

(Via Chicago Tribune)

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