A League Of Their Own: Bikini & Lingerie Basketball

08.04.11 6 years ago 5 Comments

Lingerie Basketball League

America loves basketball. America loves beautiful women. Now a match made in hoops heaven. The voice hits you immediately upon visiting the website, as does the famed introduction music, the Alan Parsans Project. Bikini Basketball Entertainment is one of two different leagues revolving around basketball and nearly naked women taking shape (HIT THE JUMP FOR VIDEOS). The Lingerie Basketball League tipped off last weekend with four different squads in Los Angeles, while the BBE is looking to lock down a few potential prospects for a team in Toronto during tryouts this weekend. The league is hoping to open up on August 17.

The BBE has some catching up to do as their competitors have already opened up play on Venice Beach in L.A. During the LBL’s opening weekend, one player established herself immediately as a possible MVP candidate. Zipporah Chase of the LA Beauties dropped league highs in points (25) and rebounds (15).

So much force. So much passion. So much intensity. While the LBL looks primed for a long and fruitful existence, BBE is still working out the kinks. They’re hoping to break all the rules. They just have to get up and running. So far, the only footage I could find was of a few pickup games where the players aren’t in full uniform (which is bikini only) and are wearing some heavy warm-ups. Bummer.

In the future, we’re thinking maybe an All-Star game to decide which league has more talent: the BBE vs. the LBL. It would also give us the chance to see real rivalries develop and escalate.

So if you’re in Toronto or L.A. this weekend, you can exchange dreaming about Andrea Bargnani shooting 25-footers and grabbing a rebound every quarter for actually watching girls in bikinis. Not bad.

What do you think? Who would be your MVP?

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