Don Nelson Wants to Trade Al Harrington

11.03.08 9 years ago 13 Comments
Golden State Warriors

At this moment, only two things are for certain. Al Harrington wants to be traded, and Don Nelson wants to trade him.

“He thinks he’s a superstar,” Nellie said to “I think he’s a very good player. If he wants to be traded, we’ll try to accommodate him.”

Aside from those two facts, everything else about Harrington and his possible destinations seems to be total speculation. So I figured we’d add some educated guessing to the debate, projecting teams who would benefit from adding Al, while giving the Warriors a fair price in exchange for his $19 million over the next two years.

* Memphis – The Grizzlies probably make more sense than any other team. Now that they don’t have Mike Miller, Memphis is the second-to-worst (behind OKC) if not THE worst three-point shooting team in the League. Harrington would offer some much-needed offensive firepower.

Memphis trades: Javaris Crittenton, Hakim Warrick and Marko Jaric
Golden State trades: Al Harrington

GSW would love to get their hands on a capable point guard, especially someone who is eager to prove himself. Javaris is clearly third on Memphis’ depth chart behind Mike Conley and Kyle Lowry, thus making him totally expendable. Warrick would offer the Warriors a guy who can rebound and run the floor, and Jaric would be there to warm pine and even out the salaries.

* Dallas – Though Mark Cuban was quoted on, saying there are currently “No trade conversations going on with anyone about anybody. Zero. None Nada,” who really believes him?

Dallas trades: Jerry Stackhouse and Brandon Bass
Golden State trades: Al Harrington

In Golden State’s ideal world, they would work some swap for Jerry Stackhouse ($14 million over the next two) and Brandon Bass (if they could work an extension right away, as he’s in the last year of his deal under $1 million). But Dallas will need Bass’s rebounding when they do battle against the Spurs, Lakers, and Rockets. Unlikely.

* Indiana – With Al Harrington, the Pacers could be one of the best three-point shooting teams in the NBA. Adding him to the mix of Danny Granger, Mike Dunleavy, and even Troy Murphy, and you’ve got a slew of big men with range.

Indiana trades: Jamaal Tinsley and Brandon Rush
Golden State trades: Al Harrington

Rush would help to even out the salaries, and also gives Golden State something else to hold onto in the event that Tinsley’s return to the court ends up something like Marcus Williams’.


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