All LeBron, All The Time

05.15.10 7 years ago 58 Comments

The NBA is off until Sunday, when the Celtics and Magic tip-off the Eastern Conference Finals (Lakers vs. Suns begins Monday). In the meantime, be prepared for 24/7 LeBron James coverage. With everybody weighing in yesterday to either breakdown what went wrong for the Cavs or speculate where LeBron will end up this summer, it was LBJ overload on Friday. Realistically, it’s going to come down to three teams: Cleveland, Chicago or New York. They’re going to throw everything they have at LeBron, but what happens for the two franchises that miss out on him? One of our guys pitched a Dwyane Wade-to-Cleveland scenario that just might work … But forget free agency; If you were in LeBron’s shoes, what would you be doing right now? What are you gonna do this weekend? Until the playoffs resume, your face is gonna be all over every media outlet and you’re going to hear A LOT of criticism about your game. Do you coop up in the house and bury yourself in a 72-hour Netflix marathon? Do you throw yourself completely into whatever your kids are doing? Do you take the family and hop a plane to some remote island in the Caribbean where they don’t have electricity? … (Here’s where the LeBron haters say, “You get in the gym and work on your game!” But we think the guy is allowed a little vacation for a few days, don’t you?) … Even Barack Obama had his say — albeit through a spokesperson. “He doesn’t want to tamper,” presidential senior adviser David Axelrod told reporters. “But as a Chicago fan, the President thinks LeBron would look great in a Bulls uniform.” And did you catch Cavs owner Dan Gilbert‘s press conference when he was asked about New York mayor Michael Bloomberg‘s statement that he wanted LeBron on the Knicks? Gilbert got all flustered and snapped off a childish “I would think Mayor Bloomberg has bigger things to worry about” retort … You know who is loving all this attention being heaped on LeBron? Antawn Jamison and Mo Williams. Since LBJ is catching all the blame for the Cavs loss, Jamison is sneaking under the radar for playing horribly, and Mo is getting a pass for his game falling apart in the second half of Game 6. Might wanna throw Shaq on that list of lucky non-scapegoats, too … And isn’t it crazy how NOBODY is talking about the fact that Shaq is also about to be a free agent? Not too long ago he was still a dominant force that would have had teams clamoring over him … Several sources were reporting that Cleveland would fire Mike Brown immediately, but last time we checked he’s still got his job. Not so much for Mike Woodson, though, as the Hawks let him go after six seasons and three playoff appearances. Woodson should land on his feet somewhere. If not on TV, or as head coach of a squad like the Clippers, he might be a good fit as George Karl‘s first assistant in Denver … Addressing their coaching situation is one thing the Nuggets need to do this offseason. Another involves them taking a crack at Chris Bosh or Amar’e Stoudemire. Could that really happen? Kenyon Martin does have a monster expiring contract waiting to be traded … It’s gone from bad to much, much worse for exposed high school hoops impostor Guerdwich Montimere. If you missed the story earlier this week, the 22-year-old Montimere, a sophomore guard at Permian H.S. (Odessa, Texas), was caught pretending to be a 16-year-old named Jerry Joseph. At first Montimere was arrested on charges of presenting false ID and tampering with government documents. Now prosecutors have slapped sexual assault charges on him. Star ballplayer in a small town where sports mean everything and generally considered “mature for his age” — you knew Montimere had to be getting a lot of play from the young ladies. And apparently he was dumb enough to sample. You can’t really pull the “She said she was 18!” card when you just borrowed fourth-period Biology notes from the girl … We’re out like Montimere’s scholarship …

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