Allen Iverson’s Reebok “Answer I” Is Coming Back On May 24

04.26.13 5 years ago
Reebok Answer I

Reebok Answer I (photo. Reebok Classics)

Between the Questions and the Answer IV, the folks at Reebok Classics have weaved Allen Iverson‘s awesome signature line back into the current culture. Their whole goal, as Swizz Beatz often tells us, is to re-connect with the culture and with sneaker lovers at the base. That’s why Shaq is back. That’s why Dominique Wilkins has a retro. And yes, that’s why some of the most loved Iverson shoes of all time are finally returning.

On May 24, the “Answer I” will be releasing, so stay tuned for details. Allen Iverson wore these during his 1997-1998 season, and they were the first signature sneaker in a line that would span more than a decade.

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