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10.28.08 9 years ago 14 Comments
Gilbert Arenas Don’t come back soon. Come back healthy.

The Doctor is still taking house calls for the rest of today. If you want your squad examined, go to HERE. Here are the names you need to know for day one of the NBA Fantasy Season.

Gilbert Arenas – The Washington Post reported this morning that Arenas thinks he’ll be able to return in December. For me, an Arenas owner, I’m less concerned on when he’ll return and more concerned with what his game will look like. When Gil returned last year he was a 40% shooter who didn’t have the same explosiveness. Most owners, and Wizards fans for that matter, would rather see Gil back in January when he’s fully ready to go.

Allen Iverson – Sure he had his knee drained about a week ago. Sure his ankles feel like dung. AI has pronounced himself ready to go and with Melo being suspended for the first two games of the season, AI (and JR Smith) are going to be asked to pick up the scoring slack. He should be in all week one lineups.

Luke Ridnour/Ramon Sessions/Charlie Bell – We’re going to watch the Bucks backcourt very carefully this season. All three players have had fantasy value at some point in the last two seasons. So who to go with for week one? The obvious answer would have been Rid except one problem… Luke is now “iffy” for game one with a back injury. We still think Sessions will need to earn his burn and don’t see Bell as an option (yet) but if you are desperate for week 1 assists and have a player to cut, Sessions might work out. Still we’d stick with Luke for now.

Marquis Daniels –
It’s official. We signed him in one of our leagues (14 team league). He’ll put up numbers until Dunleavy comes back and we’re going to guess that’s a week or two away. Dunleavy’s absence definitely might have played a role in Granger’s awful preseason shooting percentage. Something to keep an eye on for Granger owners.

Aaron Brooks – I guarantee this – at some point this season I will recommend picking up Brooks. It might be a short term grab, but at some point, he’ll have value. Not now though. He’ll miss the first 1 to 3 weeks of the season with a bad ankle.

Nicholas Batum – I can’t wait to watch the Blazers play tonight and this season. They should be a ton of fun to watch. And when I turn on TNT late night tonight, it will be Batum starting at small forward. Could he have a nice game? Sure. Would I pick him up? Nope. The Blazers are fun to watch but have way too many interchangeable parts from the one to the three. It will take either an injury or the discovery that Batum is that good.

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