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Stephon MarburyIs the inactive Steph worth owning?

After the first night I stressed not to do anything rash. Don’t go claim crazy on big night one performers or cut crazy on night one duds. Fantasy hoops is all about timing. Timely pick ups and timely drops. You get the timing wrong and cut someone who is a in little slump (Mike Conely?) or grab someone because of one big night, forcing a bad cut, it could hurt you. Of course there are exceptions (Ty Thomas and Haslem should be owned in all leagues) but that’s what you have the (Almost) Daily Fantasy for.

Andrea Bargnani – I used Bargnani as the example of a reason not to panic over nigh t one. And what does he do? Proves me genius. After a goose egg in game 1, Bargnani dropped 19 last night, adding 5 boards, and 3 blocks. And Jason Kapono, who I recommended not picking up, had only 4 points.

Al Harrington – Al should think of his fantasy owners before he demands a trade. Where else is Harrington going to be able to jack 12 threes in a game? Last night he hit 6 of them for 26 points and 11 boards. This marriage isn’t going to work though. Although Don Nelson’s rotation is always unpredictable, the team isn’t as deep as it’s been in recent years and Harrington needs to play big minutes, meaning owners don’t want to see a trade. Feels like it is inevitable though. There are plenty of teams where Harrington would become a 6th man.

Kelenna Azubuike – Man I hate owning Don Nelson players. Azubuike played only 22 minutes last night. He still managed 15 points, but Nelson consistently frustrates owners.

Al Thornton – Kid has real talent. Mr. Excitement (where did this nickname come from?) went for 30 and 11 last night with no Baron and no Camby. He’ll have roster value all year as long as he’s healthy and is a strong 4th forward in just about any league.

Marcus Camby – Says he wants to play Monday. After no preseason, Camby will probably be relegated to about 20 minutes for a couple games. That would still probably be good for a handful of blocks and nice board numbers. Keep checking back to make sure he’ll actually play Monday. This is going to be a last minute line up call for Camby owners (get used to it!).

Mario Chalmers –
Chalmers is another player who didn’t repeat night one (3 points, 2 boards, 2 dimes, 4 steals). That being said, he is clearly the Heat point guard (until Steph get bought out or waived at least). If you have the room, I think he’s a legit pick up.

Darrell Arthur – Another of the night one superstars. Mixed results in game two. He got the start and played 28 minutes. Those are good signs. He also grabbed 10 boards and blocked 2 shots. Another solid sign. He also scored zero points. Ugh. Still worth a flyer for board hungry squads.

Mickael Pietrus – There was just no way Pietrus could find 18 many shots on a regular basis. Last night he took 6 and made 1. Not an awful roster filler, but I wouldn’t grab him right now.

Tyrus Thomas – I watched some of this debacle last night. He just kept shooting. It was kind of awesome in a depressing way. He finished 2 for 17 but somehow ended up with 11 points and 6 boards. He should be owned.

Nene – Always one of my favorite fantasy steals when healthy (which hasn’t been much in the last three seasons), Nene showed his fantasy potential last night with 22 points, 11 boards and three blocks. He’ll be a solid center this season when healthy.

Baron Davis –
Same Baron. Baron bruised his hip and is most likely out for Sunday’s game. Then again, he always seems questionable right? This is why we did not recommend drafting him. Stay tuned for if you should start him next week.

Mike Conley – Don’t cut him. Seriously. I know what he’s doing right now, but the potential is there. It may take a while. Try to be patient. If you cut him, he’ll end being productive for someone else this season, and probably soon. If you can wait, wait.

Stephon Marbury – Seems to be that Steph and the Knicks have started their path to what may actually be an amicable breakup. When that happens, Steph is going to end up on a decent team that has playoff hopes and he is going to play. I wouldn’t own him right now, but keep close tabs on the situation.

Jason Thompson – Again, only 19 minutes last night, though nice production (10 and 7). Right now he seems like an off the bench energy guy to me. And with Brad Miller coming back I still don’t know where he’d fit in with big minutes regularly. He’s a player to watch definitely, but I still don’t think he’ll have legit starter value.

Spencer Hawes – Hawes didn’t go bananas like he did in night one, but he still pulled 11 boards, grabbed 3 steals, and had 9 points (0 blocks was a disappointment). I have to think that the Kings best chance at winning is with Miller at the 4 and Hawes at the 5. He should be owned in all 12 team leagues and up.

Beno Udrih – Beno was a favorite sleeper this year but the struggles in the preseason have seemed to crawl into the regular season. Udrih had 2 points, 2 assists, and 5 turnovers last night – and didn’t exactly have a stud defender guarding him on the Heat. He still needs to be owned.

The Knicks Front Court – It has to be noted in weekly lineups that any down low player playing against the Knicks is a good bet to light it up. In the first two games of the season, Brand and Haslem went 22 for 33 with 25 boards.

Martell Webster – Webster is hurt but just signed a pretty legit extension for the next 4 years at about 5 mil per. He is still crazy young and can shoot. Safe bet that the Blazers think he has real talent and is going to be a regular in the (Almost Daily Fantasy).

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