(Almost) Daily Fantasy

12.03.08 9 years ago
Lamar OdomLamar Odom continues to disappoint.

T-Mac – So now three weeks is going to make the difference? This is a career problem most likely and not a three week fix. Don’t say that we (and every other fantasy site/magazine/somewhat knowledgeable source) didn’t warn you.

Lamar Odom – Lamar Odom has exactly THREE field goals in his last THREE games. He’s doing some of the other little things but he’s certainly not the Lamar we’re used to.

The Jazz – Boozer is out for tonight’s game and AK-47 is doubtful. Deron Williams hurt his “hip flexor” but is expected to play.

Chris Duhon – Duhon is making me look very good as I’ve been singing his fantasy praises for a while. Duhon followed up his 22 assist performance by dropping 23 points and 13 more assists. He’s playing his best ball of his NBA career right now so ride it out. I would not look to trade CD too high as I think he’ll be valuable all season if healthy (and at the end of the day, the person you are trading him to isn’t going to give you much because hey, it’s still Chris Duhon).

Troy Murphy – Sure T-Murph had a bizarre game winning tip in to beat the Lakers last night, but the real significance for owners is that Murphy once again went for a crazy line of16 points and17 boards. Evidently Murphy really was just hurt last year. He’s been a tremendous steal this season especially in the rebounding category. I still believe that he’s an excellent trade high candidate because of his injury history.

Rasho Nesterovic – Remember last season where Rasho got some burn and all of a sudden put up crazy numbers? Maybe it wasn’t a fluke. The big man had 16 and 10 last night and although it certainly is not consistent, he’s had some very good games this season. He’s still at best a third center and he is not a big shot blocker for a 7-footer.

Sam Dalembert – Going into the season, it was obvious that the Sixers missing link was a shooter, someone to spread the floor and create space. That problem has become a huge factor in their disapointing record AND the demise of a couple of their key fantasy players. That and the addition of Elton Brand has done something to Sam Dalembert where he isn’t playable in fantasy and barely ownable. Last night he played only 10 minutes. Although his rebounding average is actually up 1 board for the season, he is averaging only 3.2 points over the last 5 games. That’s not good. He could be on the verge of losing his starting job and his minutes are consistently declining. I still wouldn’t cut him, but it’s getting closer to the point of no return.

Marreese Speights – Speights, on the other hand, is on the way up and could even replace Sam in the starting five. His minutes have gone up in five straight games and last night he didn’t just receive 26 minutes, score 11 points, grab 8 boards, but he was playing the important minutes (including overtime). He’s close to a pick up and if you own Dalembert he might be a smart handcuff.

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