Amar’e kicks off new era in New York; Carmelo trade may be dead

09.29.10 7 years ago 27 Comments

Amar'e Stoudemire

Usually you can watch NBA TV’s “Real Training Camp” and convince yourself that any team is good. With the New York Knicks, not so much. While Amar’e Stoudemire and Co. showed some promise during yesterday’s televised practice, there were some definite red flags — like when the team went through a fast-paced transition drill and nobody made a layup for like 5 minutes until Pat Ewing Jr. decided to start dunking everything he could get his hands on … Amar’e looked good. Granted, everything was three-quarters speed tops, but one time Amar’e went from the arc to the rack and threw down something like a backhanded half-windmill dunk casually … Every Knicks player had a device (about the size of a lightweight Flip cam) tucked in a pocket on the back of their jersey that basically calculated how hard they were playing. It’s kind of like a heart rate monitor, but it somehow keeps track of when you’re banging bodies and hitting the floor, stuff like that. Too bad Eddy Curry is hurt, otherwise we’d find out if it registers negative digits … Anthony Mason was in the building, looking exactly like you would have thought Anthony Mason would look once he didn’t have to workout for a living. When we saw Mase sweating all over interviewer Greg Anthony and breathing hard, one of our guys asked why he was so tired. “He had to walk over there,” somebody answered … According to at least one Yahoo! report, the Nets have given up on the Carmelo Anthony trade for the time being. ‘Melo is practicing with the Nuggets and saying nothing’s wrong, so maybe this was just another Chris Paul situation where the end result was simply putting his team on notice that he’s not gonna stick around for his health. Still, the longer ‘Melo goes without signing Denver’s extension offer, the more likely it is he’ll be dealt. Plus another ESPN report said the Warriors are involved in talks with Denver, which might include Stephen Curry … The big story out of Miami’s opening day of camp was how much LeBron, Wade, Bosh and the rest focused on defense. Unless you thought this was just going to be a nightly dunk contest, that shouldn’t be a surprise. The South Beach Big Three may or may not have taken cues from Boston’s Big Three by deciding to team up, but they definitely saw (and experienced) via the Celtics that you have to play stingy defense to win a ring … How good are the Hawks going to be? Joe Johnson cleaned up in free agency this summer, but did his team get any better? Are they going any farther than the second round this time? We previewed ATL’s season HERE … Everybody is saying the right things this time of year. In Houston, Kevin Martin says he’s trying to D-up. “In Sac, I can honestly say I had one thing on my mind,” Martin was quoted in the Houston Chronicle. “I didn’t play a lot of defense. I didn’t have a 7-6 center. I didn’t have a point guard that can score 20 a night or a four-man that can do every spin move in the world and not be dizzy. I have all that now so I can get back to how it was under Rick Adelman, playing defense and still being a productive offensive guy.” Wait, when did K-Mart get a 7-6 center on his team? We haven’t seen anybody that tall suited up for the Rockets … We’re out like Mase’s comeback …

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