Amar’e Stoudemire: Pau Gasol Is Still A Softie

04.05.11 7 years ago 57 Comments

Pau Gasol probably thought he was finally finished hearing it. But no, Amar’e Stoudemire came and brought the old flame back. And then Andrew Bynum had to start calling people out on Twitter. “He’s…he’s still soft,” STAT said about Gasol during an appearance this weekend with Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg.

Bynum saw the video and came back at the Knicks’ All-Star, tweeting in response: The NBA is a weird place! How can a man that plays 0 defense call a 2 time champion soft? @wheretheydothatat

There’s nothing better in this world than a good ol-fashioned brouhaha on Twitter. The Lakers must be warming up for the playoffs with all of these Twitter beefs. Still, this one was warranted. Honestly, we bet Stoudemire wishes he could take back those words. He obviously believes them, but in the court of public opinion, he sounds really stupid considering he has zero rings (Gasol has two) and his rebounding numbers from the past three seasons are dwarfed by Gasol’s.

Is Amar’e right? Is Gasol still soft?

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