Amar’e & The Knicks Break Themselves In Miami; OKC Survives

By: 05.01.12
Amar'e Stoudemire

Wasn’t this Manhattan/South Beach matchup supposed to be the best series of the first round? Um, what happened? It’s a colossal mismatch, and a 2-0 lead doesn’t do justice to Miami’s dominance through eight quarters. Game 1 felt like murder. In last night’s 104-94 Miami win, the Knicks were better. They played a little harder. Defended a little better. Actually made a few shots. And yet it seemed like the Heat had set their sliders to the Rookie level. Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James combined for 65 points on 48 shots whereas Carmelo Anthony was struggling against everyone besides old man Shane Battier (‘Melo was unleashing hell on him in the first quarter), forcing his way to 30 points on 26 shots. It felt like the Knicks were repeatedly punching a brick wall, and had nothing to show for it. Actually, we’ll take that back. Amar’e (18 points, seven boards) had something to show for it. Blood. According to Yahoo! Sports’ Marc Spears, he cut himself after the game because he punched a hard surface, later confirmed as the glass area that enclosed a fire extinguisher. Too bad New York. That’ll be the last time Stoudemire attacks the glass. But it’s not like he actually needs it. That hand got more action on one haymaker than it did through two games in Miami. STAT has 16 shots so far in the playoffs, just 15 more than his number of arm slings … New York has to work so hard to get open shots while at the other end, Miami is going through a walk in the park. You know the only two guys on New York who enjoy playing like that? Carmelo is one: he gets to be the man and play hero ball all game, jab stepping, dribbling in place, basically playing his own personal game of 21 out there. The other is J.R. Smith since he would be taking shots like that anyways. It can be fun to watch sometimes, but the Knicks have now lost 12 consecutive playoff games (12 IN A ROW!) and there’s a chance they may not win a game in this series. At the half, the Heat were shooting 56 percent and Wade had made eight of 10 shots after scoring 11 in a row at one point during the first quarter. Miami turned up the defense in the fourth quarter, and held New York without a field goal for over eight minutes. At the end of that run, Bosh banged a triple to put it away, 92-77 … Random thought: Mike Miller is probably the most randomly good rebounder in the league … Steve Novak is like a gremlin. You always have to watch over him, keep an eye out. You can’t let him dribble, play defense or attempt to rebound. Just tell him to shoot every time he touches it. Nothing else … Mario Chalmers had one of the worst individual possessions we’ve ever seen during the second quarter. First, he was thrown out of the way by Anthony as ‘Melo laid it in off a rebound. Then he got the ball thrown in his face. Then James yelled at him all the way up the court for it … Keep reading to hear why Glen Davis flipped out in a halftime interview …

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