Andres Nocioni: My team stinks, and I know why

03.25.09 9 years ago 27 Comments

Andres Nocioni

Do NBA players have the impression that non-English media outlets give them more leeway to be honest and non-diplomatic? Paul Pierce‘s “I’m the best player in the world” interview last summer was with a Spanish-language publication — words that earned him plenty of criticism as soon as it made its way back to the States — and now Andres Nocioni is throwing his current and former team under the bus via the international media.

Nocioni’s interview with Spanish-language publication Ole was translated as such by Rotoworld:

Andres Nocioni described this season as “the worst of my career”, citing a lingering knee injury and team chemistry issues.

When asked about the Kings, Nocioni replied, “[Sacramento] is the worst team, and being here you find out why … they are more focused on not losing money than on the team that’s coming.”

According to Google’s translation, some of Nocioni’s other lines include:

* “It was a season to run the garbage and I switched over to Sacramento.”

* “I cannot say or discuss anything in relation to effort and professionalism. I gave 100% for Chicago. What I do know [is] that this is a business.”

* “There is no chemistry or team play (in Sacramento). I do not see that in the near future this group may be competitive in the West. It will take several years … Nor [is] the draft coming to save anyone.”

* “Last year in Chicago was spent pretty badly. It was a very individualistic or team game was crazy. On those teams I do not look good, I need something more organized … Manu (Ginobili), Luis (Scola) and Fabri (Oberto) have been lucky. I do not, unfortunately.”

* “There are many people [that are] young and too much individualism. If Chicago was a band, Sacramento are the two bands.”

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