Armageddon Hits San Antonio; Lakers Silence The Jazz

04.02.11 7 years ago 35 Comments
Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan (photo. adidas)

Something is amiss. Dreams of more championships along the River Walk have been interrupted. It ain’t even the injuries anymore. It’s something else. That Spurs team that we thought we knew has slept way past their wake-up call. Someone needs to flip the mattress before it’s too late …Six losses in a row? That didn’t seem possible two weeks ago for the team that has had the best record in the league almost the entire season. But after a physical 119-114-overtime loss in Houston, the Spurs are on the brink of losing homecourt advantage … San Antonio was up late in the game, but then Courtney Lee came up with a steal and a basket, Kyle Lowry hit a jumper and it was on to overtime. In OT, the Spurs trailed by three with just 20 seconds left, and had to foul because the shot and game clocks were too close. But the place was so loud, no one could hear Gregg Popovich screaming instructions. Eventually, Tim Duncan (23 points, 13 rebounds) fouled the best free-throw shooter on the team in Kevin Martin (33 points), who made both with only seven seconds left. Pop chucked his clipboard … Another bad omen for Spurs fans: After hitting a sweeping hook in the extra frame, Duncan was grimacing badly as he hopped back on defense, obviously favoring that recently sprained ankle … Any game between the Rockets and the Spurs is like the Flopping Olympics. Each team has two or three possible gold medals candidate in that art. It’s hilarious when Spurs’ color commentator Sean Elliott is crying about Martin’s flopping. Dude, Manu Ginobili (23 points) plays on your team … Read more: the Lakers take over Salt Lake City, Nicolas Batum crushes on OKC’s heads and Dennis Rodman gets his jersey retired…

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