Baron Davis & Byron Scott Are Out Of Their Minds

03.04.11 7 years ago 34 Comments
Baron Davis

Baron Davis

The best point guard in the NBA debate is one of my favorites. On any given night, you could make the argument that Player A is better than Player B, depending on the situation and criteria you’re looking at. But one point guard whose name never enters this conversation is Baron Davis. Try telling that to him or his new coach Byron Scott, who called Davis one of the NBA’s top five point guards when healthy.

“I believe so,” Davis said when asked if he agrees with Scott. “I love the game, I study the game, I see the game with a different set of eyes than a lot of other guys.

“If I get 100 percent, it’s gonna be problems for a lot of other people in the league,” Davis said, laughing.

And laugh he should. Just looking at the 2011 NBA All-Star Game roster, Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook are all better than Davis, and you have to throw guys like Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups and Tony Parker in that mix as well.

Of all the point guards in the NBA, where would you rank Baron Davis?

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