Big Baby’s New Nickname Is …

01.28.10 8 years ago 77 Comments

The people have spoken. After tons of official entries and lots of back and forth in the comments section of the site to give Big Baby a new nickname, it came down to two potential winners. The first was Poppi Gee‘s entry of the “The Gooch” (the invisible bully from “Different Strokes”), followed by write-in candidate “The Big Thicket,” which earns points for creativity.

So who won?

Glen’s new nickname is The Gooch!

The definition from

1. Name of a bully who used to bother Arnold from the sit-com, “Different Strokes”.

2. Nickname for James Giugliano, a person who used to bully people in the same fashion.

“Watch out for the gooch son!”

(Note: We do not mean the Johnny Knoxville use of the term)

Congrats to Poppi Gee, we will hook you up with a prize from the office.

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