Boston Mayor Doesn’t Know Rajon Rondo’s Name Or Kevin Garnett’s Nickname

06.07.12 5 years ago

Rajon Rondo

Only one win away from the NBA Finals, the Boston Celtics know that they have the entire city to count on in motivating them. Paul Pierce knows this, tweeting yesterday, “I want the Garden I mean The Jungle to b as loud as ever come Thursday.” Boston is always known for their die-hard Celtics’ fans but it seems like Mayor Thomas Menino may not be among that group. He was recently caught on camera mispronouncing Rajon Rondo‘s last name and confusing Kevin Garnett‘s nickname.

As Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo!’s Ball Don’t Lie blog expertly puts it: “Perhaps he once dreamt of watching fellow (Sacramento) mayor and former All-Star guard Kevin ‘KJ’ Johnson play alongside former Celtic John ‘Hondo’ Havlicek in a modified version of NBA Jam.”

What makes Menino’s slip up even stranger is that he has met Rondo at least once since Dime was at that meeting. Last season as part of Rondo’s and Red Bull’s Boston Got Wings program, Malcolm X playground in Roxbury was renovated and we were there for the momentous occasion. Check out the story from last summer and see the video evidence below:

For Celtics’ fans sake, let’s hope Menino is cheering on the right players tonight.

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