Brains vs. ‘Bron

12.03.09 8 years ago 33 Comments

LeBron James

During the Phoenix broadcast of last night’s Suns/Cavs game, one of the announcers compared Steve Nash and LeBron as such: “One does it with the brain, the other does it with the brawn. ‘Le-Brawn,’ I guess you could say.” Nevermind that dude almost wandered into Jimmy the Greek territory with that one (it’s strange how people act like Nash isn’t a great athlete, or LBJ only dominates because of his athleticism), but LeBron made the comment look silly anyway when he did his Magic Johnson impersonation and dropped seven assists in the first quarter. He finished with a modest 12 points, eight boards and 10 dimes as the Cavs blasted the Suns right away and never looked back, blowing out the team that went into Wednesday tied for the League’s best record … Rocking the old Mark Price-era bright blue and orange unis, Cleveland closed out the first on a 15-2 run, which would have been worse if the refs hadn’t waved off LeBron’s buzzer-beating three at the end of the quarter. We could’ve sworn a graphic said Mo Williams AVERAGED 37 points against the Suns in his last few meetings, and Mo (4-12 FG) definitely came out gunning like he expected a big day … Funny how LeBron does the elaborate shake/pound/hug routine with everybody on the team before the game, then when he gets to Anderson Varejao they just stick to a simple hi-five/hug. The rest of the stuff might be too complicated for AV … Exchange between the Suns announcers: “Who’s officiating this game, LeBron or the officials?” “I guess we have four officials tonight.” … If you missed it, there was a mild controversy over the weekend when Mike Brown gave Zydrunas Ilgauskas a DNP-CD against the Mavs, the night when Big Z would have broken the franchise record for most games played. Brown said it was a matchup thing because Dallas can go small and run, but the problem was that Big Z had flown family and friends in from Europe and the team reportedly had a big celebration planned. When Big Z checked in last night for the record, he got a standing ovation. Did you know who held the record before that? Danny Ferry … Does LeBron have some kind of Ohio vs. Michigan vendetta against Jason Richardson? You remember the 360 block last year; last night ‘Bron took a J-Rich lefty layup and slapped it off the glass … It wasn’t as hyped as Brett Favre going back to Green Bay, but Jason Kidd probably took a little pleasure in playing a role in New Jersey setting an NBA record by starting the season 0-18. Kidd (16 pts, 10 asts, 8 rebs, 5 stls) was typically all over the court during a second quarter where Dallas scored FORTY-NINE point on 17-of-19 shooting; one time he got a defender out of his way for a finger roll by faking a pass, even though nobody was even there on the fast break for him to pass it to … Everybody — seriously, everybody — was getting buckets when the Hawks slapped 146 points on the Raptors in a blowout, but Mike Bibby stood out. He played about as flawless a game as you can at point guard, scoring 12 points on 4-of-4 shooting (all threes) and handing out five assists with zero turnovers. He did miss one free throw, though. Bibby was one of nine ATL players to score in double figures, as the Toronto defense made it look like a 48-minute NBA Jam game … For the second time in less than a week, Earl Boykins was The Man down the stretch for the Wizards and rendered Gilbert Arenas curiously useless. Boykins scored 11 of his 13 points in the fourth quarter against the Bucks, and tied up with 10 seconds left after a Brandon Jennings three, Boykins was enlisted to decide the game. Despite having Arenas, Caron Butler and Antawn Jamison at his disposal, Flip Saunders sent Boykins on a pick-and-roll with Brendan Haywood — presumably with the plan being to attack whoever Jennings was guarding. (You couldn’t at least have Jamison set the pick?) Boykins pulled up on Jennings and got fouled with one second left, and made the two free throws to win it. You can’t argue too hard since it worked out for the Wizards, but it bears mentioning that on the last play, Gilbert (22 pts, 9 asts) was being guarded by Luke Ridnour … Other notable stat lines from Wednesday: Rashard Lewis had 20 points and 11 boards in a win over the Knicks; Kevin Durant scored 33 to beat the Sixers; Zach Randolph put up 20 points and 10 rebounds in Memphis’ win at Minnesota; John Salmons had 22 points as the Bulls knocked off the Pistons; Aaron Brooks posted 22 points in Houston’s win over the Clips; and Tyreke Evans went for 26 points as Sacramento beat Indiana, while Danny Granger scored 31 in the loss … Clearly they’re building a different breed of man down at UConn. We’ve told you stories about Jim Calhoun; last night in UConn’s game against Boston University, Jerome Dyson went to plant his foot while driving and landed in something that was a cross between gymnast splits and Shaun Livingston‘s knee injury. After having it diagnosed as a groin strain, Dyson came back in the game and finished with a team-high 22 points. Beast … We’re out like 0-18 …

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