Brandon Jennings Vows To Change His Game In Detroit

08.06.13 4 years ago 4 Comments
Brandon Jennings

Brandon Jennings (photo. Michael Starghill)

In our stats-obsessed world, perhaps no player in the league gets criticized more thoroughly than Brandon Jennings. His struggles (defending, hitting shots, finishing at the rim) are put under a microscope while his strengths (speed, vision, ballhandling) are overlooked, almost like they’re expected and ordinary. Despite all that, Jennings is still a very good point guard and his introduction as the new starting one in Detroit has Pistons fans thinking playoffs.

What is Jennings thinking? He’s saying this new Pistons lineup reminds him of the Clippers, and that with the team’s supercharged frontline (Monroe, Drummond, Josh Smith), they could bring Lob City to the Motor City. Oh yeah, the 23-year-old is also vowing to change his game now that he’s finally moved on from Milwaukee.

Introduced officially today in Detroit, Jennings told the media “You’re going to see a whole different player… I definitely have to change my game.”

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, he added, “The things that I was doing in Milwaukee, I won’t have to do here, take all the bad shots. Now, I can just actually be myself and be who I was five years ago when I was in high school, playing AAU basketball.”

Detroit certainly has the ingredients to bring some excitement back to the Bad Boys, and Jennings grew up as a playmaker, something seemingly forgotten after a few seasons stuck in an offensive wasteland like Milwaukee.

The Bucks system never fit Jennings’ game, and he says he wants to return to how he played five years ago, when he dominated AAU by playing fast, uptempo and efficient. Now he just has to make his biggest change. Now he just has to do it.


How good will Detroit be this year?

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