Breaking News: Minnesota on Verge of Doing Something Right

07.30.09 8 years ago 42 Comments

The Minnesota Timberwolves may have made an absolute mess of their draft this summer, but they are apparently on the verge of doing something right.

This popped up on yesterday:

There’s little doubt that NBA analyst Mark Jackson will be the Timberwolves’ new coach. Former Gophers star Mychal Thompson, who is a Los Angeles Lakers analyst, recommended Jackson to Wolves President David Kahn.

“He’s smart, and everybody respects him,” Thompson said of Jackson.

One of the things that drives me most insane about the NBA and NBA culture, is NBA front offices insisting on hiring coaching re-treads. How many chances are teams going to give guys like Mike Dunleavy, Doug Collins and Flip Saunders jobs instead of rolling the dice with a young coach? It’s infuriating. My Sixers just did it, when they flirted with Collins and (unbelievably) Chris Ford, among others, and then hired another semi re-tread in Eddie Jordan. I mean, the last coaching job that Jordan had ended with him losing control of a young squad and giving off a tangible “whatever” vibe from the bench. Great! Sign him up to coach my young team!

So now the T-Wolves are in a spot where their situation can only get better. Why not let it ride with Jax? He would have a great foundation to build on with a dominant post player in Al Jefferson and potentially multiple young point guards with super upsides to mold with his own PG wisdom.

The trick would be for the T-Wolves franchise to have patience with Mark, to let him grow with the squad, instead of pulling the plug on him too soon because of a rough year or two as everyone figures this thing out. It happens all the time in the NBA (Reggie Theus immediately comes to mind) and we never get to find out if these young coaches have what it takes.

So if Mark is the man in Minnesota, good for the T-Wolves. At least they did something right this summer.


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