C.J. Leslie High School Hoop Diary: Interview with a Point Guard

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Word of God Academy (Raleigh, N.C.) forward C.J. Leslie is a Top-10 prospect nationally. Previously committed to N.C. State, Leslie re-opened his recruiting and has opted to wait until the spring to decide on a college. That alone makes his one of the most intriguing stories in the 2010 class, and Leslie also happens to be one of its most exciting players. C.J. has agreed to give Dime and High School Hoop exclusive access in a regular diary about his season and the recruiting process as he inches closer to a decision. For his latest entry, C.J. has brought in fellow Class of 2010 star Ryan Harrow to help him out. Here’s an excerpt:

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Leslie: I’ve seen a lot of diaries, but I figured I’d change it up a little bit this time and do it with my boy Ryan Harrow (Walton H.S., Marietta, Ga.). I don’t think anyone’s done this before. We’re just down here chillin’, about to go catch this state championship tournament. I’m down here in the “A” staying with my boy Ryan for the weekend. My season ended too soon. It was frustrating because I was hurt for the last two games, and I couldn’t help my team because of an ankle injury. It sucked to have to watch the games, but there wasn’t anything that I could really do about it. I just got back to working out about three days ago, but other than that I’ve been taking care of my ankle, icing it and stuff.

Harrow: Well, my season wasn’t much better y’all. We lost in our first regional playoff game. Now I’m working with a trainer and with a strength and agility coach. I play in this men’s league, too. So I’m moving on.

Leslie: And just so you know, Ryan’s not down here recruiting me every second. We don’t really talk about it like that. We’re boys! We’re just hanging out and chillin’.

Harrow: Yeah, nothing like that.

Leslie: So right now I’m getting ready for the McDonald’s All-American game, and my boy right here SHOULD be getting ready to play in it, too. That’s CRAZY that he’s not in it! To be honest, there are a few point guards that shouldn’t be in it over him. I don’t think he got a fair chance because he committed so early. Either way, it’s crazy! It’s not fair.

Harrow: Yeah, you’ve got a point. It happens, though. Elite 24, Jordan game, McDonald’s game … It happens to me a lot. But it’s all good. I’m just continuing to go hard.

Leslie: True. Ryan’s still a monster out there so it doesn’t even matter! I know that a lot of the guys are starting to announce when they’re going to decide on colleges. Well, I’m going to announce sometime in April. Probably during the spring signing period. The crazy thing is I have the same list, but I read stuff that says I’ve cut my list of schools. It’s still UCLA, Oregon, Connecticut, Florida, Kentucky and N.C. State. …

You can read the rest of C.J.’s diary at HighSchoolHoop.com.

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