Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

12.07.07 10 years ago 21 Comments

Years ago, Jason Kidd told us that his man Gary Payton would have to be dragged off an NBA court before he retired. He just loved playing too much. You can say the same thing about Kidd — which is why we don’t buy the whole “He’s sitting out on purpose” story that’s grown legs after Wednesday’s Nets/Knicks game — and you can also say the same about Allen Iverson. The guy is never going to slow down, either. He played all 48 minutes on Wednesday when he dropped 51 points on the Lakers, and came back last night to play 40-plus minutes while hanging 35 points, 12 dimes and 6 steals on the Mavs on the road … Watching A.I. and Devin Harris go at it brought back memories of Iverson being harassed by Tyronn Lue in the ’01 Finals. In the third quarter, A.I. got called for a charge on Harris and let the ref know how bad of a call he thought it was. A couple possessions later, A.I. was running side-by-side with Harris and dipped into him to initiate contact, yet Harris got whistled for the foul. Marques Johnson used to call that a “Maybelline Makeup Call” … Reggie Miller on the mic: “I’m a color commentator now, I don’t make any money.” … Microcosm of the Miami Heat’s season from last night: Joel Przybilla played solid defense on Shaq all game long, keeping the big man relatively bottled up (8 pts). But whenever Shaq sat down, Przybilla couldn’t stop Udonis Haslem (15 pts) from dunking on him. There was a time not too long ago when Shaq was the one dealing out those lumps … There’s nothing “youngster” about Brandon Roy (25 pts, 6 rebs, 5 asts); dude’s a vet. Whether it was scoring in the paint, sticking his free throws or making the necessary pass, time and again he made the right play in Portland’s win, and didn’t back down at all from D-Wade (21 pts, 10 rebs, 9 asts) … The court mics kept picking up someone making uncomfortable-sounding grunts and groans near the basket. We think it was Dorell Wright. Whoever it was, it was like watching a women’s pro tennis match … Despite the 250-something fans in the building, Hawks/Wolves ended up being the most exciting game of the night. ATL was up by as much as 19 in the first half, but allowed Minnesota to creep back and make it a game. Down by one in the final 30 ticks, the Wolves were devoid of an offensive game plan — or at least we assume the “Sebastian Telfair takes a pull-up J over two defenders” play in the huddle — but were given another chance to draw something up. This time, Joe Johnson somehow lost Marko Jaric on the inbounds play and gave up an easy layup. After Josh Smith hit Bassy with a pretty spin move and jumper off the glass to give Atlanta the lead back, Jaric (18 pts, 8 rebs, 9 asts, 3 stls) again got an improbably easy bucket, driving past Smith for a layup like he was just some guy. (Remember D-Wade tried the same exact thing in crunch time a couple weeks ago and got stuffed.) So with 2.2 seconds left, the Hawks had one more chance, got it to Joe Johnson, and he hit a fallaway jumper over Telfair and Jaric at the buzzer for the W … The celebration was funny. First you saw everyone bolt off the Hawks bench running toward J.J., and at least two or three of them had you wondering “Who is that?” Then the cameras switch over to Al Horford hugging the mascot, and finally, you saw Salim Stoudamire trying his hardest to pretend he was happy … Overall, Josh Smith played a hell of a game, putting up 28 points, 7 boards and 7 blocks. People talk about Tim Duncan, but Josh shows zero emotion on the court. At least Duncan gets amped every now and then. But we’ve known this about J-Smoove since the ’05 dunk contest, when he was doing incredible dunks and wouldn’t lose the stone face … Give Mike Woodson credit for one thing: his hairline was on-point last night. Steve Harvey would’ve been proud … Steve would not be so proud of Greg Oden. Did you see him last night? When you’re gonna be on national TV, it’s always a good idea to at least comb your hair … Corey Brewer: 18 boards, 5 dimes, 4 steals, 6 points. He’s got to be the skinniest guy to ever grab 15-plus boards in an NBA game … John Brady is lucky everyone in the state of Louisiana is so focused on the LSU football team, because the Tigers’ b-ball coach needs to be locked in a windowless room with Hubie Brown for five hours after last night’s performance. LSU was up on Villanova by 21 with about eight minutes left, dominating the Wildcats with their size and defense. Then Jay Wright proceeded to coach the pants off of Brady, helped along by a Malcolm Grant maelstrom of buckets. Even after having lost all the momentum and with star freshman Anthony Randolph fouled out, Brady’s team still had the ball, up by one, in the final 30 seconds. Coming out of a timeout — and again, with the lead — the best LSU could do was have Garrett Temple (26% career three-point shooter) throw up an NBA-range trey. On the other end, Villanova’s Dante Cunningham scored on a putback to put the ‘Cats on top, and Brady inexplicably DIDN’T use his final timeout, instead watching as one of his guards ran down and jacked another three (when they were down by one) that missed. Game over. Just an atrocious coaching job on Brady’s part. We’d trust Les Miles more to coach LSU basketball than Brady right now … We’re out like Reggie’s money …

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