How Did Refs Miss This Incredibly Obvious Travel By Carmelo Anthony?

11.24.15 2 years ago 5 Comments

This was so bad. Well, at the onset, it was actually pretty good. Late in the third quarter of Miami’s 95-78 blowout win over the Knicks at home on Monday night, Carmelo Anthony was isolated on the near block guarding Chris Bosh. He poked the ball away when Bosh brought it too low, and hustled after it on a bit of a one-man fast break. For Anthony, the rugged one-man defense against an All-Star talent like Bosh was impressive. But things quickly deteriorated from there and culminated in the worst uncalled traveling violation of this young season. And it might stay that way throughout the year. That’s how egregious it was.

When Melo tried to gather the ball, he took what looks to be six steps before launching a rushed, and ultimately errant, 3-point attempt. Seriously, count the steps since we’ve GIF’d a couple different slow-motion looks.

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