Celtics burn Miami without KG; Kobe and Durant shoot it out

04.21.10 8 years ago 44 Comments

Ray Allen (photo. Jordan Brand)

Any speculation about how Boston would cope without Kevin Garnett in Game Two was silenced around the time they slapped a 21-0 run on Miami in the second quarter. By the time the C’s went on another 18-0 run in the third, it was just a matter of exactly how much the Heat could embarrass themselves. You know it’s bad when it’s still the third quarter and the announcers — whose job is to convince us NOT to turn away in a blowout — are clowning Erik Spoelstra for believing Miami could get the margin within 10 points … Big Baby couldn’t have done a better job filling in for KG, putting up 23 points and 8 boards and nearly turning Mario Chalmers into a chocolate crepe when he fell on top of him. (And Chalmers got called for the foul.) Ray Allen did the damage outside, hitting 7 threes on his way to 25 points … For Miami, it was literally a one-man show. Dwyane Wade (29 pts, 5 asts) wasn’t just the only guy in red creating offense, he was the only guy who seemed to give a crap. Wade was sticking threes, blocking shots and getting follow dunks, all while his teammates played like they were more concerned with what was being served on the flight back to South Beach … If you sat Marv Albert down, injected him with truth serum and asked what he really thinks of Reggie Miller‘s abilities behind the mic, what would Marv say? … Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant staged the shootout we all wanted to see, and OKC gave the Lakers all they could handle before narrowly losing a close one at Staples. Trading buckets down the stretch, Kobe finished with 39 points (12-28 FG, 13-15 FT) while Durant had 32 points (12-26 FG, 5-6 FT), but in the end it was decided by free throws and by KD having to rely on his teammates to come through … L.A. was up four in the last two minutes after Kobe hit a pull-up and two free throws, and then Durant got stripped by Ron Artest to start a fast break. Shannon Brown had a highlight dunk in his sights before Nick Collison turned into an Oklahoma Sooners linebacker and leveled him on the run. The dumb part is that despite it being nothing more than a hard postseason foul, if Collison hadn’t caught Brown and prevented him from a nasty fall, the refs definitely would have called a flagrant … Jeff Green cut L.A.’s lead to one with about 20 seconds left on a spinning hook shot that should have been an and-one, then after Kobe split a pair of FT’s, Durant missed an unnecessary three. Pau Gasol (25 pts, 12 rebs) then split some free throws, and with KD smothered on OKC’s last possession, Green had to take the potential game-tying trey and missed …

Kobe Bryant (photo. Chris Sembrot)

Artest changed his hair slightly, going with a more yellow-ish blond than the orange tint he had in Game 1 and adding black designs. Ron-Ron and DJ Mbenga looked like the Golden Lords from Meteor Man … If you missed it yesterday, our newest DimeTV installment has us going to OKC to kick it with James Harden, who shows us his new house (with recording studio), his new shoes, and takes us car shopping with him. Check it out HERE … No time for Andre Miller‘s crafty heroics last night, as Suns/Blazers was over early. True to form, Jason Richardson hit his first few shots and paved the way for a big game, and with Portland blowing layups and tossing up airballs, Phoenix never looked back. J-Rich (29 pts) scored 15 in the first quarter and 20 in the first half, while Grant Hill (10-11 FG) had 16 of his 20 points before halftime … During a stoppage in play, a bee flew onto Channing Frye‘s shoulder, sitting there for a second before Frye smacked it and may or may not have killed it. Somewhere, PETA is angrily blogging. And now Channing joins Manu Ginobili on the list of guys who probably shouldn’t be seen out wearing a fur coat until this dies down … You could trace the turning point of Hawks/Bucks to one sequence. Late first quarter, Atlanta was up four when Brandon Jennings got swatted by Joe Johnson (27 pts), leading to a Jamal Crawford three. Next possession, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute‘s layup got snuffed out by Josh Smith (21 pts, 14 rebs, 9 asts), setting up Marvin Williams‘ and-one dunk. Suddenly the Hawks were up 10, and Milwaukee was playing catch-up the rest of the way … Jennings needs to watch a lot of Tony Parker game tapes this summer. Too many times Jennings (9 pts, 3-15 FG) had his man beat off the dribble, but went all the way to the rim and got rejected rather than hitting a floater or pull-up jumper. He’s been doing that all season. Right before halftime Dominique Wilkins said, “Jennings hasn’t figured it out yet; The Hawks have good shot-blockers.” … NBA Draft update: Louisville sophomore PF/C Samardo Samuels, BYU junior PG Jimmer Fredette, Oklahoma freshman PF Tiny Gallon, and Nevada sophomore PF Luke Babbitt are all going pro. Honestly, out of that whole group, Jimmer is the only guy who might get picked in the first round … We’re out like the Golden Lords …

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