Celts Sweep Texas Triangle

03.21.08 10 years ago 8 Comments
IMAGE DESCRIPTIONRay Allen (photo. Jordan)

For the first time since the ’01 Kings, a team went into Texas and emerged with three consecutive wins against San Antonio, Houston and Dallas. The Celts are now 6-0 against the Texas teams on the season, which tops their 7-1 mark against teams from Cali. The only loss to those four squads came in Oakland when Baron Davis sunk a buzzer-beater to give the Warriors a 119-117 win.

But when the C’s arrived at American Airlines last night, they knew they were in for a battle – literally from the moment they arrived.

“When we came to the security gate, the guy wouldn’t let us get dropped off,” said Ray Allen. “We told him we were [with the Celtics], we had credentials, and he said, ‘No, you can’t.’ So I just got out and walked and I had my headphones on and said, ‘I got a job I need to do.’ He was just doing his job, I guess.”

Truthfully, the Mavs have been the protector of the Texas triangle in recent years. In ’06-07, they went 36-5 at home, with only one loss coming to an Eastern Conference opponent. In ’05-06, they didn’t drop a single game to the East when playing at American Airlines. Though not all of those teams were attempting the triangle sweep, the Mavs left little room for anyone to even dream of it.

And while the Celtics were about to make history with the Mavs last night, Brian Scalabrine was on the bench, watching his NCAA bracket go up in flames. Scalabrine must not have taken the Beasley factor into consideration when choosing his alma mater, USC to beat UCLA in the finals.

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