Chris Duhon Set Your Alarm

03.10.08 10 years ago 14 Comments

After raising the roof with Jay Williams at the UNC-Duke game, Chris Duhon flew back to the Detroit area but reportedly overslept and missed the team bus to the shootaround. Jimmy Boylan, whose head must be about to explode, suspended and fined Duhon for the game.

Fittingly, Duhon and Tyrus Thomas were laughing on the end of the Bulls bench during the first quarter of last night’s loss to Detroit. Thomas is fresh off of a two-game suspension after his unannounced but premeditated absence from the team. He supposedly told two teammates “see you Thursday” after last Tuesday’s game.

From today’s Chicago Sun-Times

“I haven’t been playing the last six or seven games,” Duhon said. “I don’t plan to even be in the rotation. The Boston thing happened because of foul trouble and guys were off and I guess he wanted to try something new.”

“Usually, I don’t play anyway, so it doesn’t have that much of an effect on me.”

The “Boston thing” Duhon referenced was when he played 25 minutes during Friday’s loss to the C’s. And he would have likely seen just as much burn during last night’s game as both Capt. Kirk and Ben Gordon picked up two fouls within the game’s first six minutes. Boylan was forced to bring Shannon Brown off the bench, who hadn’t seen more than five minutes in any of their previous 12 games.

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