Phil Jackson to Become Cleveland Cavaliers’ Version of Pat Riley?

04.22.13 4 years ago

cleveland cavaliers phil jackson

Phil Jackson reportedly wants back in the NBA. That shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody, now that we’ve seen his “I’m Retiring/Moving to Montana/Now I’m Bored” routine already in the past. The fact that he raised his profile further by opening a Twitter account (and is actively interacting with players), is commenting on basketball strategy and has made himself more available to the media has only made his desire more clear.

So the Cleveland Cavaliers, in need of a coach, especially one who can handle superstars, have reportedly reached out to Phil. But does Phil want to coach? And does he want to do it in Cleveland?

Check out this piece posted on ESPN last night. From the looks of this, a reasonable scenario seems to be Mike Brown returning as coach, with Phil moving to the front office in a “Pat Riley-type” of role.

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