Clippers & Celtics Start Talking Trade Again

06.20.13 4 years ago
Chris Paul

Chris Paul (photo. Jordan Brand)

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Clippers and Celtics have restarted their trade talks involving Doc Rivers, Kevin Garnett and DeAndre Jordan. Apparently, Chris Paul wants this deal done if he’s to remain in Los Angeles. Earlier this week, the two sides walked away from the negotiating table after Boston wanted too much for their coach and defensive anchor.

But at this point, it’s about the draft pick. Rivers already has a deal in place with the Clippers, reportedly for five years and $35 million. And Garnett will waive his no-trade clause to be a part of the swap. The two sides are squabbling over one first-round draft pick. L.A. wants to lock the deal in with one pick while the Celtics want two.

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