“Coach” Jay-Z speaks on LeBron vs. DeShawn and hoop psychology

09.12.08 9 years ago 43 Comments
LeBronLeBron James (photo. Mannion)

The current issue of Vibe magazine has a naked Ciara on the cover and is one of the greatest … oh wait, I forgot what I was supposed to be talking about … hang on …

OK, I’m back. So the last issue of Vibe had Jay-Z on the cover, and in the cover story he was asked about his involvement in LeBron James and DeShawn Stevenson‘s feud from last season that spilled over into the Cavs/Wizards playoff series and will no doubt be a story line when the two teams meet on Christmas Day. Jay’s response:

“I had no intention to talk about the DeShawn Stevenson thing. I seen him beatin’ the s*** out of LeBron, and he really couldn’t do nothing. I really wanted to inspire [LeBron]. I sent him the [“Blow The Whistle (freestyle)”]. The song wasn’t to be released. I sent him the song to get him amped up. I do s*** like that. I hit him on the BlackBerry all the way through the playoffs. There’s a big trail of e-mails that we have where I’m almost like a coach on the sidelines for him, ’cause that’s my little brother! I’m giving him advice, even outside of, ‘Take the ball to the elbow and shoot.’ The psychology of what’s going on: That’s my role in his life.”

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