Contest Winners: LRG “We Are The Champions” Playoff Pack

06.28.10 7 years ago 3 Comments

Alright, we kept you waiting long enough. We read through all the entries for your favorite NBA Finals performance of all-time and picked two winners of the LRG “We Are The Champions” Playoff Pack.

The first winner, Marcus, gave a long and impassioned response about Tim Duncan‘s performance in Game 6 of the 2003 Finals. TD put up 21-20-10-8 blocks. No big deal. Duncan never gets enough credit as a guy who puts up monster stats. Plus we feel good about giving it to Marcus, a die-hard Indiana Pacers fan who lives in Canada. That’s almost as weird as being a die-hard Raptors fan from Indiana. His answer was so long that we’re going to give you an excerpt. You can read the full response here.

I am a die hard Indiana Pacers fan and I live in Canada. Most people think that Canadians dont know much about ball but we do and we have so much passion for the game. Live and breathe basketball.

My favorie NBA playoff perofmance would have to be Tim Duncan’s near quadruple-double in the crucial Game 6 of the NBA Finals in 2003.Tim Duncan was on a mission! Pick and pop here and there, his positioning was spot on, doing everything he learned and putting it to use. No wonder they call him Mr. Fundamental. TD was playin some of the best D fense ive ever seen. Even Ron Ron would have to bow down to this performance. 8 blocks?!? wow. He was beasting out there! I remember the Spurs being down to the Nets by about 10 points and then all of a sudden Duncan rallied his troops up and bam! 19-0 run! they won the game.
That whole series Duncan was a monster. This is why he won the playoff MVP and gained respect as one of, if not the, best Center of his era. Could there be a player more coachable than TD? if there is, sign him to a big contract right now.So thats my favorite playoff performance for many reasons! The NBA…where immitating the playoffs happens

The second winner is 808. Many people wrote about Dwyane Wade‘s performances against the Mavericks in 2006, but what about Alonzo Mourning? He didn’t play many minutes and had to back up Shaq as a shell of his former self. But no matter how dirty or aggressive he used to be, ‘Zo was always a stand up guy and it was a great feel-good story for him to come back, contribute, and win his first title. As 808 remembers, every time he checked in the arena went crazy. If moments like those don’t make for a favorite NBA Finals performance, which ones do?

I’m from the 808 (aka Hawaii), so I don’t really cheer for any single team. But one of the greatest NBA Finals performances IMO is Alonzo Mourning. Before you say I’m smoking, hear me out: True, he was a bit of an ass on the court for much of his career. But dude ends up getting some type of rare kidney disease and misses 2-3 seasons and doesn’t play one game. In 2005-06, Zo comes back and plays a large role backing up Shaq, and helps Miami beat Dallas to win the ‘chip.I don’t know if y’all remember that series. Dallas won the first 2 games at home EASILY, and everyone was talking about how Miami doesn’t stand a chance matching up against Dallas’s loaded lineup. The next 3 games in Miami, Zo doesn’t play much more than 20 minutes a game, but every time he checks in, the arena goes CRAZY. Zo is blocking shots everywhere, grabbing boards, and even had a few putback dunks. Pure energy. Don’t get me wrong: a lot of stars like A.I., Shaq, Kobe, and MJ did damage in the Finals….but that’s what we expected them to do. That’s what they were supposed to do. After all that Mourning went through, he wasn’t supposed to play the game again–he wasn’t supposed to make an impact the way he did. That’s worth something.

Congratulations to both winners…

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