Corey Brewer Gets Out The Vote

09.29.08 9 years ago 10 Comments
Respect My Vote

With the Presidential Election right around the corner, it’s time to get informed. One person who is exercising their civic duty is Minnesota Timberwolves‘ second-year forward Corey Brewer. I talked with him the other day about his work with the “Respect My Vote” voter registration campaign, his choice for President and his thoughts on voting in an election for the first time.

Dime: Why did you choose to get involved with the “Respect My Vote” campaign?
Corey Brewer: I feel like everybody should vote. Right now, with the economy and the way the world is going, we really need a good president to come into office. If you don’t vote, we won’t have the president that we need.

Dime: We often see actors and musicians use their celebrity to affect change. What are your thoughts on athletes using their influence for positive action within the community?
CB: I think it’s a good thing. A lot of people look up to us and we definitely have a say in what’s going on in the world right now. If we can get behind it and create change we should.

Dime: With the NBA season starting right before the election, are you going to be able to find time between training camp and pre-season to get out the vote?
CB: Yea, I got to. Everybody needs to find the time. I know Caron Butler is also doing stuff in this election.

Dime: I hear it’s your first time voting in a Presidential election. What are your thoughts?
CB: Yea, it’s my first time. I’m going to vote for Barack Obama. We need change. If you look at his views, I feel he has what I takes to bring the economy back. Look at what the Republicans have done to the economy. The Republicans have been in the office for a while now. I know I’m only one person, but every vote counts.

Dime: On September 30, the Hip Hop Caucus and “Respect My Vote” campaign is trying to register more than 50,000 eligible voters in a single day – a feat which will set the world record for most voter registrations in one day. Are you taking part in this effort?
CB: I’ll be in training camp then, but I’m going to be supporting them the best I can. It’s really important that we try and rally the people – especially the people that haven’t voted before. They’re going to be a big part of who wins the election.

Dime: November 4, 2008. Election Day. Where are you going to vote and where will you be that day?
CB: Right now I’m a Tennessee resident, but I’ll probably vote in Minnesota. I’m sure Coach will let us get to the polls.

Dime: Have you registered any of your teammates?
CB: Not yet. I’m gonna tell ’em when I see ’em in training camp that they need to vote. Everyone knows it with the economy the way it looks now, but I’m gonna put a little bug in their ear.

Dime: If the outcome doesn’t come out in your favor, will you still show up for work the next day (November 5) to play the Spurs at home?
CB: (laughing) I can’t take the day off from work, but I hope Obama wins. I’ll be sad if he doesn’t.

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