Create-a-Three: Building the Perfect NBA Small Forward

02.25.10 8 years ago 68 Comments

Carmelo Anthony, Dime #53

The NBA is going the way of the wing. While some people cling to the idea that you still have to build a winning franchise around a big man, and others see a future where point guards run the show, this season has done nothing but prove me right on something I’ve been saying for a while now — that the next several years will belong to small forwards.

All due respect to Kobe, but you could argue that LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant have been better than any three players on the planet this year. And even after Kobe reaches NBA old-age, those three should still be in their primes and setting the standard by which most other players are judged.

Small forwards are always a diverse crew. LeBron is a powerhouse who could also play the point; ‘Melo is an effortless scorer who could play the four if he wanted; Durant is a perimeter sniper with a center’s height and two-guard range. Neither of them looks at all like the other, and yet the results are often the same: Bucket after bucket, with a healthy share of boards, assists and defense thrown in for good measure. Then you throw in colleagues like Danny Granger (shooter), Paul Pierce (scorer), Rudy Gay (high-flyer), Ron Artest (bully) and Gerald Wallace (Roller Derby), and the League’s elite threes are a study in variety.

How would you build the ideal small forward for the NBA in 2010? Take into account size, abilities, specific skills, mindset, and other intangibles.

Using only THREE current or former SF’s to put in a blender and combine their best (or worst) traits, create your perfect small forward…

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