Curt Schilling Ethers The Knicks: “Good Luck Golfing (This Summer)”

05.02.13 4 years ago

J.R. Smith

Curt Schilling knows a little something about coming back from 0-3 holes. He was a pitcher on the Boston Red Sox 2004 team that dropped the first three games of the American League Championship Series against the Yankees before recovering to win four straight. When Schilling, an ESPN baseball analyst, was asked about the current New York/Boston first-round series, he offered up this gem about the Knicks: “Good luck golfing (this summer).”

It’s about time someone from Boston stepped up and tried to even out the trash-talking scale. Kenyon Martin had New York stage a blackout for the Celtics’ funeral, and J.R. Smith also said that if he hadn’t been suspended, this series would already be over.

When it comes to the NBA, Schilling might have as much credibility as a lawn gnome, but if anything, this should help the Knicks refocus. J.R. Smith, for one, has apparently been partying a little too hard this postseason.

Should Schilling be talking junk?

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