Dallas Braces For Influx Of Prostitutes

11.05.09 8 years ago 32 Comments


I come across a lot of stories each day, and some just grab your attention more than others. Take for instance, this gem from The Dallas Morning News: “Dallas police preparing for influx of prostitutes during NBA All-Star game, Super Bowl XLV.” With the ASG coming in February, Dallas police are bracing for an influx of prostitutes.

Not something your city probably put in the budget when they decided to host the games. Interestingly enough, the issue came up at the National Prostitute Diversion Conference in Dallas yesterday, where Sgt. Louis Felini said between 50,000 and 100,000 prostitutes could be in the metroplex for the festivities.

100,000 hookers?! That’s crazy! That’s enough for almost every man, woman and child that decides to actually see the games at the new Cowboys Stadium. While Felini noted that there is no way to truly predict the number of pros who will come to the area to become ladies of the night, there definitely will be some fresh blood.

Source: The Dallas Morning News

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