Damian Lillard’s 15 Best Dunks

02.10.14 4 years ago 2 Comments
Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard (photo. adidas)

Just like the Portland Trail Blazers have taken the NBA by storm this season with a 36-15 record, Damian Lillard has put the NBA on notice. He’s anointed himself as one of the most cold-blooded players in the game, nailing clutch shots like free throws. Damian Lillard will make NBA history when he becomes the first player to compete in all five events (Skills Challenge, Slam Dunk Contest, Three-Point Shootout, Rising Stars Challenge, All-Star Game) during NBA All-Star Weekend. The Slam Dunk Contest is the most intriguing, as it will feature three All-Stars for the first time in 26 years (Lillard, Wall and George).

Dunking isn’t one of the things that comes to my mind when thinking of Damian Lillard. I mean, Lillard is only 6-3, 195 pounds. However, Lillard has compiled quite a few poster worthy dunks in his short time in the NBA that validate his entrance in the Slam Dunk Contest. Maybe you feel the same way, which makes this list the perfect introduction to Lillard’s dunking entrance. Enough talking, let’s enjoy some dunks.

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15. Lillard steal and slam vs. Spurs
On this play, we see Damian Lillard charge into the passing lane, steal the pass and glide to the hoop for the slam. This dunk should be appreciated for the defensive risk that Dame took going after the pass and succeeding–then rewarding himself with a slam. I would have preferred a 360 windmill dunk myself, but this was just his rookie season. I’ll expect more out of any fast break opportunities that Dame Lillard gets after compiling this list.

14. Lillard blows past Aaron Brooks
Poor Aaron Brooks–this won’t be the only time he appears on this list. Lillard doesn’t even bother to use the screen that was set for him, just calmly ignores it and rolls to the rack for a deuce. Talk about a high percentage field goal. For some reason, the commentator said this dunk made his “tooth hurt”. I’m not sure what that means, but it was a pretty sweet dunk.

13. Lillard disrespects the Chicago Bulls
This dunk by Damian Lillard probably didn’t leave the best impression on the Chicago Bulls. With less than five seconds on the clock and the Blazers up by six, the game was virtually over. The Bulls decided to sag off on defense, assuming the Blazers would do the normal thing and dribble the clock out. Damian Lillard had a different idea, as he takes this opportunity to showcase his dunking skills for his home crowd. Nate Robinson took the time after the game to let Lillard know that type of stuff isn’t tolerated in the big leagues. Hopefully Dame got the message, but we can still enjoy this one.

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