Danilo Gallinari Has Some Surprises Up His Sleeve For 2009-10

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Danilo Gallinari

Danilo Gallinari is still kind of a mystery to the basketball world. Because of a back injury, the 21-year-old forward was limited to just 28 games during his rookie campaign but he showed some flashed of promise near the end of the season. Word out of Knicks camp is Gallinari has been impressive not only as a shooter, but as a distributor and creator. Entering his second season in the League, big things are expected out of the Rooster this year. We were able to talk a little Knicks with Danilo at the EA Sports NBA Live 10 release party on Tuesday.

Dime: How did you spend your offseason?
DG: Until late July, I’ve been staying here. I had the surgery in April so I stayed here to recover from my injury. After I was feeling good, I spent August in Italy with my family and I came back in the beginning of September to start to workout again.

Dime: Is there one part of your game you tried to improve this summer?
DG: I tried to work on everything especially on my body because I just had surgery so most important thing is to get your body back. So that’s what I was concentrating on.

Dime: We’ve seen you do pull the God Shammgod crossover before in the summer league. Do you plan on breaking out any other crazy moves this season?
DG: It’s a surprise. Everybody will see (laughs).

Dime: What was it like playing in New York City for your rookie year?
DG: It’s just unbelievable. Especially for a guy like me that I come overseas, from a different world and I’ll be looking at the Knicks players, the Knicks history and NBA games. They’d only show it once a month. Being here is unbelievable for me. It’s a great feeling and I will love every day of it.

Dime: This is your second season and also coach’s second season with the Knicks. What’s been the difference between last year’s training camp and this year’s?
DG: We already know him, so we already know each other. We know what he wants from us so we are doing the right things. We had a good training camp I think and we are almost ready, so hopefully we can do a better record than last year.

Dime: What is your take on the rookies, Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas?
DG: I have a positive feeling on them because I think they’re pretty good players. They are already fitting with this team and they will be important for this season because we have a longer bench. We will not have the same problem as we sometimes had last year where we lost close games. They’re good.

Dime: Is there anybody who has been sticking out to you in training camp and preseason?
DG: I think everybody has been good. There’s not going to be a lot of surprise, we just have to do a better record of last year. We are just looking at the playoffs.

Dime: Are you happy to have Nate Robinson and David Lee re-sign with the team?
DG: Yeah, I’m so happy to have them back. Like I said, we already have a good chemistry, so we still have them and they’re really good players. They’re smart players. I mean you know Nate, when he wants to get going, it’s impossible to stop him. I’m happy for them and I’m happy they’re back.

Dime: What do you expect out of yourself this year?
DG: Out of myself, I expect to be an important player for this franchise for this year and hopefully for the future. I want to help the team win.

How good do you think Danilo Gallinari will be this season?

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