Dennis Rodman Releases Children’s Book Called “Dennis The Wild Bull”

01.31.13 5 years ago

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman has done some crazy things during his life, but releasing a children’s book might be at the top of that list. Rodman’s no stranger to books – I read “Bad As I Wanna Be” as a young teenager and it was definitely interesting. But have him talk about his life, and inevitably the content will move beyond issues little kids would understand. Despite that, one of the NBA’s ultimate showmen has co-written “Dennis The Wild Bull,” a book for kids.

Released yesterday, the cover features a red bull that has flowing red hair, two nose rings, a tattoo and red stubble under the chin. Rodman explains that while his life centered around wild parties, hookups with beautiful celebrities and memorable moments that had adults everywhere shaking their heads, he always connected with children. Even now, he says kids still recognize him, even ones who never saw him play.

“More than anything, I just want little kids today just to understand, ain’t no matter what you do in life, be different, rich or poor man, guess what, it’s OK to be who you are pretty much and you’ll be accepted,” Rodman said in an interview with ABC7 Chicago.

The book is co-written with Dustin Warburton, and the plot centers around a weird-looking bull called Dennis who is captured and taken to a rodeo where he interacts with other bulls who aren’t like him at all. Eventually, they learn to accept him and everyone becomes friends. When Dennis plots his escape, he brings his friends with him.

The book is available on Rodman’s website, as well as on, where you can check out the cover image.

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