Dennis Rodman’s Father Had 29 Children With 16 Mothers

07.19.12 6 years ago

Dennis Rodman

Dennis Rodman’s father, artfully named Philander (nope, I didn’t make that up), was separated from Dennis at the tender age of three. He’s lived in the Philippines for more than 50 years, and recently had a reunion with the family he left behind. Here’s the AP with the story:

“Philander Rodman Jr., who has acknowledged fathering 29 children by 16 mothers, says he was happy and surprised that his son agreed to meet him late Wednesday. He tried to meet the basketball Hall of Famer during another game in Manila in 2006.

Philander, who has been living in the Philippines for nearly 50 years, said Thursday he wanted to explain to his son that he didn’t abandon his family in the United States, but they only had time for greetings and handshakes.”

One of those children, according to sources we just made up, may or may not be Shawn Kemp.

For all of Dennis Rodman’s quirks and cross-dressing and general tomfoolery, you have to feel for him on this one. That, for all intents and purposes, he grew up without a male role model and only met his father when basketball brought him to his doorstep.

h/t AP, via Ball Don’t Lie

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